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You may get auto, home or life insurance leads here, available packages with various amounts, discounts on larger amounts.  Choose leads by date, state, zip code, type and other options. Price varies between $5 and $22 depending on freshness and lead type (exclusive or standard). We also have Extra Fresh Today leads to satisfy all needs of our customers. We accept payments from U.S. customers, insurance agents, representatives, companies or providers.

10 Free Leads for Testing!

We provide 10 free leads totally.
You may get 5 free auto leads and 5 free home leads in Members Area at Live Stream Leads page in few clicks. This option is available for every new member after easy registration.

United States Only

Our websites generate leads basing on requests from residents of the USA only, asking for car insurance rates online.

Direct Leads by Instant Delivery

You have an ability to receive paid leads instantly, as soon as you are registered and funds were added to the account balance. Five minutes, and you can already know where to call! Register here and choose leads for pick up.

Discount 30% from Agency

Our agency have special promotion program. You will get 30% discount code on all items after your first order. For the first purchase get discount code on leads here.

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This Is How We Work

You have several ways to get leads generated from organic search. Order Auto Leads or Home Leads, make a payment and funds will be added to the account instantly. Then you can pick up leads by your preferences at Live Stream Leads page. Second way goes through adding funds to account balance in Members Area after registration. As soon as your account balance allows you to pick up leads, you may choose leads in real-time list. Free Leads are available for every new member after registration.

Leads Generation

We get requests from insurance policy seekers through our generation websites.

Prepare for Sale

We process items automatically and prepare data for sale.

Adding Lead to the List

As soon as new lead has been added to the list, it is ready for pick up.


Home Lead Packages

Home - Standard

Price $16
1 standard lead
Instant delivery

Home - Standard

Price $150
10 standard leads
Instant delivery

Home - Exclusive

Price $190
10 exclusive leads
Instant delivery

Home - Aged

Price $5
1 aged lead
Instant delivery

Auto Lead Packages

Auto - Standard

Price $10
1 standard lead
Instant delivery

Auto - Standard

Price $90
10 standard leads
Instant delivery

Auto - Exclusive

Price $110
10 exclusive leads
Instant delivery

Auto - Aged

Price $5
1 aged lead
Instant delivery

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Our company received many positive comments which are pleasing results of our work. Our team is always ready to provide you answers on your questions, give you leads for testing, etc.

person"I did not believe to get so professional support. I added this service to my Favorites. Thanks"

person"Have just got auto leads, they are really unique .. I will continue to work with these guys. "

person"It was pleasure to work with Insuranceleadsagent. Got many closed deals and I hope to work with you further."


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Our company works hard to provide various types of high quality leads: auto, home and life. We provide instant lead delivery, direct leads to our customers such as insurance agents. Get more benefits through our different payment options, discounts and easy pick up system. 

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