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Our pricing program allows agents or company representatives to buy insurance leads instantly, price starting from $5 up to $30 for exclusive and fresh (Today). Exclusive leads allow agents to call first and get guaranteed success almost in every such case. As soon as lead is delivered to the list by our system, it can be picked up as exclusive only. As time passes (1 day), it can be bought as standard or exclusive. Such period of freshness allows our agents to choose fresh leads if there is interest only in fresh items.

Make sure you are ready to pick up and buy. You may also add funds to the balance to avoid any kind of delays, just pick up necessary leads from the list as soon as they become available there. Take care of your purchase in advance, we recommend to fill up the balance before choosing items.

  • $14 - for auto exclusive and fresh (Today Exclusive Leads)
  • $22 - for home exclusive and fresh (Today Exclusive Leads)
  • $12 - for exclusive auto lead with lifetime more than 1 day till 30 days
  • $20 - for exclusive home lead with lifetime more than 1 day till 30 days
  • $10 - for standard auto ins items with lifetime more than 1 day till 30 days
  • $16 - for standard home ins items with lifetime more than 1 day till 30 days
  • $5 - for all aged leads with lifetime more than 30 days

Also you may get free items by one click after registration. We give you the right to know about quality of our products before you make a choice. Get 10x leads and you will get discounted price.


"Our firm gained huge amount of qualified auto & home insurance leads, thanks to this it was possible to expand our coverage and provide coverage in many states."

Martha Miller

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Our company works hard to provide various types of high quality leads: auto, home and life. We provide instant lead delivery, direct leads to our customers such as insurance agents. Get more benefits through our different payment options, discounts and easy pick up system. 

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