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The most of companies offer services licensed professionals to make income selling their products to insurance policy seekers. So, individuals who are licensed to sell insurance policies and have some agreements with such carriers are insurance agents. This industry provides huge range of services depending on policy type. Agents have role to sell coverage directly to third parties having an agreement for services provision from larger local companies.

When policyholder become covered, carrier becomes responsible for any insurance claims. Insurance agent is not responsible for any consequences that may arise between company and customer after signing the contract. Carriers have insurance adjusters that should inspect claimed damage and estimate financial losses in cases which took place.

New insurance agents can sigh contract with insurance carriers even without college degree in some cases. As usual  agents get more prospects by improving their experience. But here we offer agents to become more independent. Here are few interesting deals for agents who offer insurance services.

Offers for Insurance Agents

You are here to become more independent, getting clients for your business or job. We offer agents to get instant stream of clients who looks for insurance policy. Here are 5 benefits that will bring you profit in your business:

  • Free leads for testing in few clicks
  • High quality insurance leads
  • Instant stream 24x7
  • Discounts on bulk purchases
  • Secured and fast payout

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What Types of Leads?

ALL states are available. We sell P&C leads (auto and home insurance) & Life. Various types of leads are presented in our system, making possible to combine low cost and quality. Free Leads are also available for pick up 24x7. The main categories of leads: Exclusive Fresh (today leads generated within the last 24 hours - the most valuable leads),  Exclusive (which can be sold to one agent only), Standard (discounted leads, which can be sold to several agents), Aged (ultra discounted leads which have lifetime more than 30 days). If you need more information how to use our system and become our member, please go to FAQ and become informed.

Commission For Insurance Agent 

As usual agent gets up to 70% of agent commissions from the carrier. The success closing rate varies 80-90%, thanks to our instant delivering system from organic search. It takes few minutes to CREATE ACCOUNT and start getting leads. You will get bonus up to $500 in leads, meaning 10 FREE leads for testing.

10 Free Leads For Testing

If you are ready to get your free leads, sign up first and go to Live Stream Leads page in members area. Account activation is instant and the whole process takes up to few minutes. 

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"Our firm gained huge amount of qualified auto & home insurance leads, thanks to this it was possible to expand our coverage and provide coverage in many states."

Martha Miller

About Us

Our company works hard to provide various types of high quality leads: auto, home and life. We provide instant lead delivery, direct leads to our customers such as insurance agents. Get more benefits through our different payment options, discounts and easy pick up system. 

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